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Hi, I’m Liz Sandt, RN

I believe in a holistic approach to healthcare that combines the best of functional medicine with complementary therapies.

Integrative and functional medicine focuses on treating the whole person

Addressing the root causes of illness and promoting overall well-being. By working with me, a RN for over 21 years you will benefit from my extensive years of experience, medical and alternative knowledge, compassionate care, and personalized guidance.

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Kind Words from Clients

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Liz teaches by leading by example. Her own journey is her greatest tool that has helped so many through her honest words and courageous explorations into unknown territory with enthusiasm and kindness that let’s other feel they can do the same. She is a woman warrior that I am blessed life has put in my own journey.

When I was sick with Covid you checked on me regularly, made sure I called my Dr. and reminded me of the resources out there that would help me like in home IV therapy. I love you and your fierce dedication to helping people.

After meeting you at a moms event many years ago, I’ve paid close attention to your social media. I’ve learned tons from you, from ways to avoid toxins, to ways to bolster natural immunity. I’m a huge fan of your work and grateful for what you do.

You’re just such a light in this world Liz Sandt✨🙏🏼 keep spreading it EVERYWHERE!

Jamie, RN
I highly recommend Liz for her knowledge, her ability to keep fresh in her approach of knowing the latest information on holistic medical trends. I have complete confidence when she advises me that I can trust her.


Liz was my private nurse for my explant with Dr. Rankin on April 1st.💖

Liz is fabulous! Highly recommend her! Couldn’t have done it without her. I traveled from North Georgia to Jupiter by myself and I’m staying at Homewood Suites. Excellent experience regarding everything so far!